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Responsive Web Design Increases Sales

Think Tank culture of innovation helped them become one of the first Digital marketing sites to utilize responsive design sitewide.
This resulted in more transactions, increased revenue, and satisfied customers.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Use of the latest techniques in HTML 5 to create a responsive website that actively responds to the userʼs particular device and makes shopping easier.

The method creates a user-friendly experience no matter how users view the site (without the need to build multiple websites).

Responsive web design is relatively new and has been seldom utilized on e-commerce websites. Think Tank Photo (TTP) is excited to be ahead of the curve and certainly ahead of their competitors.


TTPʼs primary target audience is photographers, and letʼs just say they don’t work in cubicles. As the traffic coming from mobile devices increased among TTP’s users (mobile visits now make up 13% of total traffic).

Blast identified a need to adapt the site to a responsive layout. Many of our clients have seen mobile traffic increase by more than 400% in the last year. Seo Proper was no exception, as mobile traffic more than tripled.


As a result of the new responsive layout and other optimization efforts, Think Tank Photo saw these results:

• Over a 188% increase in revenue from Black Friday through Cyber Monday compared to 2010.

Transactions from users on smartphones and tablets increased more than 96% in the last year .

Mobile users viewed more pages (pageviews increased 224%) .

Analytics Drives Design Strategy

Blast has been Think Tank Photoʼs online marketing partner for many years, providing planning, analysis, and strategic guidance.

As part of the partnership agreement, Blast performed custom Google Analytics implementation to provide deep insight into what users are doing on the site. The insight gained from Google Analytics is the main catalyst behind marketing decisions at TTP.

This insight helps them prioritize and measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts. It was this insight that led to the decision to go responsive.

Strategic partnerships like the one Blast shares with Think Tank allows Blast to offer the full value of our expertise in SEO, Analytics and Online Marketing, and the benefits.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the epitome of integrated lifestyle marketing, as you can provide users with a customized experience while viewing the site either from home (desktop) or while theyʼre out (tablet or smartphone).

For example, the smartphone interface could load a custom feature that detects a user’s location and offer directions to the nearest brick and mortar store based on a user’s GPS coordinates.

In addition to making the site easier for users, it also can also make your life easier. It reduces content management time and development costs associated with building separate sites to accommodate different devices.

It also makes SEO management easier because all display experiences share the same domain and links, greatly increasing the site’s authority with search engines.

How Can I Be More Responsive?

If youʼre interested in transforming your website to respond to userʼs needs, be sure to choose a company that not only knows the technical side of the process but also understands user intent throughout the complete customer lifecycle.


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Client Profile:

Think Tank Photo is an industry-leading group of designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs.

What they needed:

  • To create a mobile-friendly online buying experience for on the go customers
  • Maintain SEO value and online authority while developing a mobile solution
  • To meet the needs of the 13% of traffic who view their site on a mobile device
  • To avoid doubling or tripling their web maintenance costs with multiple sites

What we did:

  • Created a beautiful and user-friendly website experience for users on any device
  • Increased transactions 96% from users on smartphones and tablets.
  • Increased pageviews by 224%
  • Met the expectations of their techsavvy audience who expects innovation.
  • Continually provided SEO and online marketing advice to create an optimized solution

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