KwikComputer Technology offers Chatbot Development Services for Small Business in the USA at an affordable rate.

Chatbot Development Company

We are excited by the new wave in this Tech industry. All of our development and Deployment of Chatbot is done Inhouse at our Irving, Texas Location.

We are a small business so we understand the importance of Budget really well so we try to reduce the cost by hiring only techies(NO sales Team). That means if you want a dedicated account manager and a few other sales teams to work dedicatedly with you, you are at the wrong place. But if you want the quality work (same or better) at a fraction of the cost(charged by big Name)  without all the sales pitch drama then You are in the right place.

Kwik Computer in Dallas Texas Offering Chatbot Development and Deployment on various platforms such as Facebook, Website, slack, Standalone Pc, etc. To take your business to the next level. Contact us to schedule a free consultation

What is the Chatbots for Small Business?

Chatbots by definition are computer commands and programs that can communicate like a normal human being. The known messaging applications now make use of Chatbot Development Company to help to run flawlessly. Both small and large-scale firms now make use of Chatbots and tailor them in a way that will make spoken and English text communication easy for them. These bots subsequently decode the meaning and provide the most pertinent information to users.

Service Description

Artificial intelligence is improving, with that chat bots will raise as the solution for standardized communication channels. Chat bots will soon become a single voice to solve customer’s needs and this is a major advantage for small business. They can adapt to this emerging technology to add helping hands for their growing business.


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Chat bots can be created for any messaging platforms like Messenger, slack, telegram etc


Chat bots can be deployed to allow customers to place an order.


Chat bots can book an appointment with your customers.


Chat bots can be trained like an employee to perform number of tasks.

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What is Chat bots?

Chat bot is a  computer program designed to simulate a conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.

Who is this made for?
Chatbot Development Company Creates every chatbot is custom-built for anybody who wants to automate certain aspect of their business.
How can we help your business?
Small Business Owners are very busy since they have to wear different hats every day. Chatbot Development Company/Chatbots can work as a helping hand assisting you in manageable bits and chunks. For example, taking care of website visitors FAQ, Fb messengers requests, guiding newly hired employee, Taking orders, etc. the possibility is endless..very
Why should you choose Chat bot?

Hmm! The easiest answer to that question is that a chat bot works 24/7 for 365 days a year. Not enough? Here are few more

Scales the operations
Handles lots of customer Queries
Can handle a range of identical products or service.
Be current in the Technology with Millennial.
Interactive marketing
Boost our your Efficiency.

With the latest trend in the industry it is clear that chat bots are here to stay, and their development will impact both businesses as well as consumers. Even your doctors are using chat bots.

How can Chatbots benefits small businesses?

1  An interactive marketing platform

Chatbots are built in a way that will imitate perfectly a conversation between two humans, an experience that can’t be seen or felt by using applications and websites. Chatbots are highly useful for a synergic advertising drive and enable small businesses to reach more audience without any additional cost.

A perfect experience of Chatbots can be seen on facebook messenger which shows an exemplary illustration of how you can reach more audience with little cost.

2  Fast support for customers

Chatbots are very instrumental to your success as a small business owner.If you want to maintain excellent customer support to your customers. Chatbots will answer to their numerous grievances on your behalf immediately they complain.

It also enables you to close deals fast because when you are away, it is negotiating and keeping your customers occupied until you are available.

3  Always available

As a startup business owner, with the use of Chatbots, you won’t need to set aside additional budgets to engage your customers or other stakeholders like suppliers, credit unions, etc.

An average worker can work productively for seven hours at most before needing a rest; the Chatbots, on the other hand, can function effectively for a whole day without extra costs.

4  Improves organizational results

Productively making use of Chatbots can help a firm reduce its costs in running other tasks. Instead of staffing people for routine and necessary functions, Chatbots will come in handy in doing the jobs effectively.

5  Helps to get more Revenue with Better Engagement

Chatbots can be utilized to persuade a buyer to buy more than what they want. Small businesses can edge out competitors by using Chatbots in place of a large sales force. It would help reduce costs.

Small businesses that sell related products can use Chatbots to sell similar products. Chatbots also help give insight advice to buyers to convince them to make more informed decisions and also buy similar products.

For example, a buyer that purchases a yoga pant can be convinced to pick up a trainer to match with. Chatbots will offer a brilliant reason why they should buy more than they need.

 6  Creates Brand identity

Chatbots can be tailored in a way that will be funny. Jokes banter and other humorous expressions can be programmed to a Chatbot to reply to questions. These are done to create visibility and identity for a business. People don’t forget in a hurry why and where they smile last. This will be a big plus for your brand and business. Chatbot Development Company
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